Hi, and welcome to the Thenibble & Thehack websites link page, on this page you can find links to all the sites that are created by Thenibble or Thehack.

Jongerencentrum Sozo website Great homepage from "Jongerencetrum Sozo", information about what sozo is, what they do, when it's open and much more!
TheNibble website The one and only Thenibble website, here you can find information about abbreviations, smileys, what kind of weather it's in Holland and ofcourse some personal information about Thenibble himself.
Heavenly Quality website
The Heavenly Quality website,

Thehack's website This is Thehack's personal website, here you can find links to other cool sites, information about who Thehack is and information about the programms he is making.
The Triple Dot, inc. website The Triple Dot, inc. website this is the official software production site from Thehack, here you can (soon) download the newest version of Ktel, find other cool links and find out what Maxxsoft is!

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